About Us

Ujyaalo is a well-known brand in Nepal that encompasses various media platforms, including Ujyaalo Radio Network, Ujyaalo Online, Ujyaalo TV, and the Ujyaalo Mobile Application. Together, these platforms form a multimedia powerhouse. Ujyaalo Radio Network holds a prominent position as one of the largest radio networks in Nepal, comprising a network of over 220 partner radio stations spread across the country. With a listener base of over 15 million people, Ujyaalo Radio Network has established itself as a leading source of news and entertainment.

Ujyaalo Online, accessible through the website ujyaaloonline.com, attracts an impressive three million monthly visits from more than one million unique visitors. This online platform offers a diverse range of content and keeps its audience engaged with up-to-date news and information.

The Ujyaalo brand also extends to its Android mobile application, which has garnered over seventy thousand users. This application provides free access to the content published and broadcasted on Ujyaalo Radio Network and Ujyaalo Online. By offering this mobile app, Ujyaalo ensures that its audience can access their preferred content conveniently on the go.

Ujyaalo Radio Network has made remarkable strides in expanding its reach, covering approximately eighty percent of Nepal's geography and population. This achievement is particularly significant considering the limited access to television and print media in many regions of Nepal. Ujyaalo bridges this gap by delivering the latest news and information to people residing in such areas.

Behind the success of Ujyaalo lies a dedicated team of forty-five qualified professionals working across various departments, including online, radio, and mobile. Additionally, Ujyaalo has deployed district reporters in seventy out of the seventy-seven districts in Nepal. This strategic approach ensures comprehensive news coverage and timely reporting of events from across the nation.

Over time, Ujyaalo has earned a strong reputation, attracting aspiring journalists and amateurs who see it as a valuable platform for expanding their skills, knowledge, and career prospects in the field of journalism.

Ujyaalo operates from a purpose-built four-and-a-half-storied building that houses four digital and analogue studios, along with video shooting facilities, enabling the production and distribution of radio and online content. The organization also possesses a Mobile Broadcast Van, equipped with VSAT technology, which facilitates live or recorded audio broadcasting from the field. Ujyaalo remains committed to adopting the latest technological advancements and effectively utilizes tools such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, SMS services, and social media platforms. They even manage a Toll-Free Telephone service, ensuring easy access for their audiences, readers, and well-wishers. These facilities have significantly enhanced Ujyaalo's performance and strengthened its presence in the media landscape.

The Ujyaalo building is specially designed for radio stations and incorporates state-of-the-art technology, including earthquake-resistant measures. Additionally, the building features a sustainable water collection and power supply system, utilizing solar panels installed on the roof. This arrangement ensures an uninterrupted power supply and helps Ujyaalo circumvent disruptions caused by occasional load shedding. In case of any power supply issues, the organization has access to government-provided electricity and backup generators as standby sources.

Ujyaalo's infrastructure includes four recording studios, over fifty computers, digital recorders, video cameras, and satellite and FM transmission equipment. For further information about Ujyaalo, interested individuals can reach out to them at [email protected].